EuSSI training bazaar - Nov 21, 2022

About this event

The European Software Sustainability Infrastructure (EuSSI) is a network of partners involved - in one way or another - in research software and share a common interest in improving the general quality of research software.

As part of its vision aiming to support research software sustainability across Europe and beyond, partners contribute to events and organise workshops on specific topics. One of the workshops is the “Training Bazaar” to leverage exchange and open the door for an intensified collaboration between organisations involved in research software training.

The training bazaar is an activity organised by the EuSSI with the following goals:



Summary of discussion

During the session it was clear that all participants share a common issue: training opportunities for RSE skills are in high demand and there is a big need for more trainings and more instructors. It was clear that there is a need for more coordination between organizations that provide trainings across Europe. Reusing training materials, automating workshop organisation, sharing experiences, are just some ideas on how this cooperation could benefit all parties involved.

You can also read the HIFIS at the EuSSI training bazar blog post!

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